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We know small dents on your vehicle are just as unsightly and frustrating as medium sized or large dents and damage! Don’t stress, with our auto dent repair services, if you live in Orange and Seminole Counties you can get them repaired without breaking the bank or being inconvenienced by the body shop!

At Orange County Paintless Dent Company, we take great care to provide our customers with the highest quality auto dent removal Orlando has to offer. We offer a mobile auto dent repair service in Orange County and Seminole County that is available Monday through Saturday for the convenience of our valued customers. Our staff members are always professional, courteous and efficient. Our auto dent repair services normally take 10 minutes to an hour, depending on the severity of the dent requiring repair. 

The prices provided below are just a basic guide to the approximate cost for our general car and auto dent repair services. Please note that the cost can vary depending on the location, depth, and severity of the dent. 

We set our quality standards for auto dent repair high, so unfortunately in many cases we can not repair the dents in automobiles that have been in a collision however we are always happy to provide you with a free estimate, the cost of paintless dent repair services are a fraction of the price you will pay at a body shop so it never hurts to check. We save members of the Orlando community and surrounding areas money every day on their dent removal services. Learn more about the areas surrounding Orlando in Seminole County and Orange County that we serve. 

Orlando Dent Removal Services

Small Dents, Dings & Creases 
These auto body imperfections are normally found on the doors, fenders, and rear quarter panels of your automobile. They usually happen when someone opens up a car door into your car or when a runaway shopping cart hits your vehicle and can be extremely annoying. Not to worry, you have found the small dent repair specialist in Orlando, The cost associated with this type of auto dent repair is usually minor unless you have a large amount of them on your cars panel.

Average Small Dent Repair Fee: $50-$75

Medium Dents 
Medium sized auto dent repairs are a little more substantial in size, usually ranging in size from a golf ball sized dent up to the size of a baseball. Dents of this size can typically be easily removed from your automobile using our paintless dent removal process.

Average Medium Dent Repair Fee: $100-$150

Large Dents & Roofs 
Dents of this nature are among the largest most visually disturbing size dents you will find on your car. Dents in this class would be softballl sized and larger. 

Average Large Dent Repair Fee: $150-$350

Any roof damage on your vehicle would fall into this category however the dent repair services for roof damage is usually more expensive because it involved dropping the headliner inside your car, van, or SUV. Depending on your vehicle, headliner fees will apply.

Average Roof Dent Repair Fee- $125-$400 (includes headliner)

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Doing It Yourself vs. Mobile Auto Dent Repair

For anyone who takes pride in caring for their vehicles, the natural reaction to discovering a dent or ding is the impulse to get it fixed as soon as humanly possible. Then the reality sets in as you begin to consider the time and cost potentially involved in getting the work done, in addition to concerns relating to choosing a method that delivers the best quality results. In many circumstances, mobile paintless dent repair in Orlando and the surrounding areas represents the fastest and most affordable method of getting rid of dents, creases and dings. It not only offers a non-invasive process that fixes dents without affecting the manufacturer’s paint on your vehicle, but it can also be accomplished wherever you are located, with most jobs being completed in the time it takes to eat lunch.

Otherwise, about the only option you have beyond dealing with the longer wait times and higher costs typically associated with visiting a body shop is trying to fix the problem yourself. And while a DIY ding repair can be effective for those with the aptitude, proper equipment, patience and time, often the process quickly grows to become more complicated than originally anticipated and can actually result in more extensive damages. Take, for instance, using a plunger to pop a dent back in place. While using the appropriate type of circular cup plunger can in theory pull out an indentation, without precision control over the tool and a basic level of expertise, you’re more likely to damage the paint job than achieve a perfectly smooth finish. 

Another popular technique for removing auto dents includes pouring hot water on plastic panels and bumpers, which temporarily softens up the area to be manipulated, but this method can prove work-intensive, as you have to provide the strength necessary to push out a dent by hand. It’s also time-consuming and potentially dangerous having to repeatedly transport large amounts of boiling hot water from the kitchen to the garage or driveway. While other questionable alternative dent removal methods involve everything from handling dry ice or renting an air compressor or glue gun to placing high heat or an open flame in close proximity to your vehicle’s body, virtually all of them come with a level of uncertainty of whether they will provide an effective cure. 

Attempting to do your own body work as opposed to choosing our quick and affordable dent removal services in Orlando and areas beyond can result in:

- Spending more money on products and supplies than the total cost of having it fixed by trained professionals.

- Causing more harm to the paint job, body, roof or bumper beyond the original extent of the dent.

- Leaving the affected area looking worse than it did before you tried to fix it

- Risking personal injury and permanent damages to your home and property.

- Dealing with the frustration of endless trial and error and unsuccessful attempts.

Why Choose Mobile Dent Removal?

Orlando area residents and vehicle owners across the region rely on Orange County Paintless Dent Company for restoring vehicles to prime condition by removing unsightly external damages. When you weigh the risks, expenses and time involved in trying to fix even a very minor dent or ding against the ease and affordability of paintless dent repair, there’s really no comparison. Throw in the fact that we offer paintless dent repair mobile service in Orlando and throughout the region, and you’re sure to see the value in scheduling your appointment today. 

When you trust Orange County Paintless Dent Company for mobile dent removal, you benefit from:

- Completely paintless method that doesn’t require the use of grinding, body fillers and replacement parts.

- Speedy mobile service directly to your location that eliminates the need for rental cars and long waits.

- Skilled technicians capable of accurately assessing your needs and carefully removing dents and dings from your vehicle.

- Ability to maintain original factory paint and parts, so your car retains its resale value and overall appearance.

- Fair and upfront pricing and zero hidden costs so there are never any surprises. 

Get in Touch for Mobile Paintless Dent Repair in Orange Country and Beyond

Orange County Paintless Dent Company has been specializing in providing mobile dent removal in Orlando and the surrounding areas since 1996. We strive to set ourselves apart from the competition by offering broad capabilities in mobile auto dent repair backed by customer service dedicated to your total satisfaction. Request service from skilled technicians with the tools and expertise to get the job done right the first time.