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How to Avoid Dent Removal Scams
As a car owner, you likely have some unattractive dents or dings in the side of your car that you've intended to fix, but just haven't quite had the time to address it. Wouldn't it be convenient if a professional could make this quick fix the next time you went shopping for groceries? For many paintless dent repair scammers, this is the exact attitude they can prey on. Read on to help prevent dent repair scammers from taking advantage of you.

What Is a Paintless Dent Repair Scam?
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The most common method scammers use for paintless dent repair schemes is approaching you in the parking lot of a grocery store or shopping mall, promising to fix that unsightly damage in your car without having to take it into a body shop or have the entire site repainted. For a quick cash payment, they will repair that dent in your car by the time you're finished shopping. What often happens during these paintless dent repair scams is:

  • The dent or scratch is addressed using crude tools that often damage the car leaving behind chipped paint, punched holes and gauged metal. 
  • Covering the site of the repair using a store-bought spray paint that typically does not exactly match the shade of your vehicle. 
  • The fixed ding is covered with a white or blue wax that masks the damage — and you are instructed not to wipe off the wax for at least 24 hours. By then it's too late to reach out to the scammer for an explanation.

  • Being Approached in a Parking Lot: Most reputable businesses will not approach potential customers in the parking lot of a store. While having services completed while you're performing other tasks may seem practical and efficient, that's the way the scam can smoothly work out. Legitimate companies typically conduct business from a brick-and-mortar location. 
  • Cash-Only Payments: With advances in technology, it's incredibly rare for a company to only accept cash as a form of payment — dent repair scammers will only take cash, typically upfront, to complete services. 
  • Lack of Proper Business Identification and Resources: When hiring a reputable company to perform any home or vehicle services, you should always check that they have proper identification complete with a physical address, working telephone number, appropriate business apparel and business cards. Once you've checked these basic operational requirements, also do research to find customer reviews, proper licenses and certifications, company insurance, quality before-and-after photos and warrantied workmanship. 

Ways to Avoid Dent Repair Scammers
The best method for avoiding auto repair scammers is staying diligent and avoiding services that seem too easy or convenient. Signs of a PDR scam often include:

Avoid dent removal scams. Schedule paintless dent repair services with us today by calling 407-924-2507 or filling out our online contact form.

When you're looking for reputable, reliable and convenient paintless dent repair professionals throughout Orange County, FL, contact the trained and certified technicians at Orange County Paintless Dent Removal. Since 2008, we've provided dependable and efficient PDR services for residents throughout the Central Florida area — we're fully licensed and insured. We also provide free service estimates and perform all services at your location to minimize hassle.